New World Merchants

Offering specialty products since 1670


The de Leon family has been committed to producing, sourcing, and providing the highest quality luxury commodities in the Americas for centuries. In the year 1670, Dr. Jacob Rodrigues de Leon arrived in Port Royal, Jamaica, then one of the most important cities in the world, from Europe. A celebrated physician and merchant, Jacob established a New World mercantile dynasty that made major contributions to the renowned Blue Mountain Coffee industry, spice trade, and much more. Three hundred and fifty years later Joseph, an art dealer by trade, has taken up his family's interest in making superior products available and easily accessible. Born and raised in New York, Joseph grew up savoring the choice ingredients of Italian cuisine from the maternal side of his family and mined out the best of the best at markets while living abroad in Italy. He's now marrying his family tradition to his insider knowledge of Italian gastronomy to serve hard-to-come-by comestibles in artful, thoughtful pairings. Because you can't always get to Italy to satisfy your appetite, this is your Italian Outpost.