This basket is full of delectable Italian chocolates, cookies and coffee. 

Valentine's Day Sweets Basket

  • Baci Perugina Original Dark: These chocolates have been made for almost 100 years and we know why... they're delicious! (5 oz)

    Loacker Quadratini Chocolate Cube Wafers: Light wafer, rich chocolate, and the perfect crunch makes this cookie so good. (4.4 oz)

    Baratti & Milano 70% Dark Chocolate Extra Fondente Bar: Not too dark, not too light. Beautiful chocolate. (2.64 oz)

    Baratti & Milano Extra Fine Milk "Latte" Chocolate Bar: The smoothest milk chocolate. (2.64 oz)

    Marabissi Chocolate Covered Cantucci Cookies: Typical of Tuscany, these double baked, chocolate dipped biscotti are perfect on their own or with a cup of coffee. (5.3 oz)

    Matilde Vicenzi Sugar Sprinkled Puff Pastry Cookies: Flakey, buttery, sweet cookies typical of Tuscany. 

    Caffe Vergnano Premium Blend Ground Espresso: World famous espresso with delicate flavor and smooth aroma. 

    Lazzaroni Amaretti Cookies: One of the fondest memories of my childhood was the large red tin I used to pull these sweet treats from. Lucious almond flavor with the perfect crunch, almost nothing goes as well with a cup of hot coffee. (5 units with 10 cookies)

    Sperlari Spicchi Mixed Citrus Hard Candy: The perfect hard candy.


    (Specific brands may vary due to importation from Italy. All excellent quality.)

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